Door Step School

Our 44th event on 11th OCT 2012 is one very close to our hearts as being a young women’s organisation we got to celebrate a cause that the entire world is envisioining-SAVE THE GIRL CHILD.

When we approached DOOR STEP SCHOOL it was a pleasant surprise that they actually reach out to 600 children in and around Colaba, Cuffe Parade and Mantralay alone. They work with children from different communities and have several projects like the school on wheels being one of them.

We contacted them on 8th Oct giving them a brief about us and expressing our desire to celebrate an event with them by taking their children for a movie.

They were overwhelmed and quite eagerly requested for the event to be held on 11th Oct being INTERNATIONAL GIRL CHILD DAY with a desire to bring only girls from all their centres.


Street children


March 31, 2017