J J Dharamshala

J J Dharamshala is an old-age home for people over the age of 60. They house able-bodied men and women who are destitute. The residents’ needs are taken care of at no cost. The lives of the elderly in old-age homes can be very depressing, especially if they have families who don’t want them or if they are unwell. There is rarely any change in their daily routines. One thing that everyone always enjoys, and finds therapeutic, is music. What better way to make the aged have a special evening than with an outing away from the old-age home and beautiful music.

Angels Link Foundation hired an air-conditioned banquet hall at Gujarati Sewa Mandal in Matunga and a bus that took the sweet residents for a fun evening. We had also hired a singer whose renditions of evergreen songs from the yesteryears brought back emotional memories for all.


Old aged home


March 31, 2017