Kem Hospital

Our first Fairytale for 2014 was an Eye-Auto-Refractometer machine that we donated to the Ophthalmology Department of the KEM Hospital. KEM is a government hospital that offers free treatment to those who need it. The number of people queuing up there to seek help is unbelievable! People from all sections of society, from all over India, throng the crowded passages and aisles. The department sees 200 patients a day and 50,000 patients a year! This machine was a boon for the hospital. It saved time, effort and energy during processes that the doctors were otherwise managing manually. They had been waiting for the machine since 1987.

The Ophthalmology Department and Dr Sheela Kerker were happy and grateful as we inaugurated the machine on 3 September, 2014 at 11a.m. Dr Kerker explainedto us that this machine helped to determine the ‘refractive error’ and ‘corneal topography’ of the patients. It was very effective especially for treating patients who were illiterate or with language problems, uncooperative, elderly, suffering from paralysis, or those with head tremors, young children, and so on. Initially, a manually performed eye checkup would take at least fifteen minutes and the prescription was usually not fully accurate. Today, even children with disability can be examined within 2–4 minutes. Dr Kelkar has dedicated her life and chosen to serve the needy patients at the KEM hospital ‘s Ophthalmology Department.

‘We have been instrumental in executing many fairytales where we have donated machines to hospitals and every single one of them makes us walk away with pride to know that we are helping many, many people. Spreading joy in multiple folds comes alive here.’

The Fairytale event was very heartwarming and extremely satisfying. Angels Link Foundation is fortunate to get the opportunity to serve so many needy people who will benefit day after day, year after year as they literally see the world in a whole new light.




March 31, 2014